Butterflies and Bees

March 15th, 20124:07 am @


Butterfly and Bee

These little buggers would be perfect to go along with your next picnic.   The only buzz you’ll hear will be coming from your guests and they go on and on about how cute the cupcakes are.

Rose Cupcake

You’ll want to start with a rose.  I made this by starting with about 3 cups of my basic icing and mixing in a large box of Strawberry Jello.  This isn’t an exact science.  Experiment until it tastes and looks good to you.

It gives it the pretty pink color and a sweet and sour kick to the cupcake.

Fill your piping bag using the 1M tip.  Start in the middle of of your mini cupcake then swirl out and around the center.


Next you’ll want to add the butterfly wings.  I used Robin eggs, you could also use pastel colored Peanut M&M’s.


Then pipe a small line down the middle to create the perfect little body.

Vola! Sweet and Simple.


Don’t forget the Bees!

For this I used a Hershey’s chocolate egg.  I put two Robin Egg’s as wings and piped yellow stripes on.

I also made up some icing with Lime Jello to get the green color.  So Good!

These little guys are simple and fun.