King cupCake

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King cupCake

With fun colors and strips of cinnamon, it’s no wonder why the King cake is very popular around Christmas and during Mardi Gras.

We’re going to put a fun cupcake spin on this traditional cake.

Butter Rolls

First you take about as much dough as you would need for one roll then break it into four pieces and roll them into balls.

Then you roll the dough balls in butter.

Cinnamon Rolls

Then roll them in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

Then squish them in a cupcake tin.  Repeat until all tins are full.

This is where you would put a plastic baby or trinket in.  Make sure that it is heat durable and will not melt during cooking.

If you have a hidden baby you’ll need to advise your guests so they know to be looking for it and won’t choke.

There’s really nothing worse than killing your guests with your food.

Cooked Rolls

Once they’re cooked you can carfully move them to a plate.

Because of the way we placed them in the tin they’ll be easy to pull apart.

Sticky Roll

Now you can drizzle the glaze on.  You don’t want a stiff icing for these.

They are really ready to eat now.  If you can resist we’ll put sprinkles on to make it a King cupCake.

King cupCake

The green, purple, and gold(sometimes yellow) sprinkles are what really turn this into the traditional King cupCake.