Leprechaun Hats

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Leprechaun Hat

These little hats are adorable, delicious, and easy to make.

You’ll need chocolate covered cookies.  Thin Mints, Grasshoppers, or Oreo’s new mint cookie all work well.

You’ll also need marshmallows, dipping chocolate, green sprinkles, and mini M&M’s.  I used peppermint oil to thin the chocolate and add great flavor.

Chocolate Marshmallow

You’ll want to melt your chocolate.  I like to use the microwave rather than a double boiler because it’s easier.

If the chocolate is melted and is still too thick you can add a little oil to thin it out. I like to use peppermint oil because it tastes great and it’s good for you.

Chocolate Marshmallow

Once the chocolate is smooth insert a toothpick into the bottom of the marshmallow and dip it into the chocolate. You do not have to cover the bottom of the marshmallow.

Then set aside to dry and repeat until you have enough chocolate covered marshmallows.

White Bottom

Next you’ll need to spread out the cookies.  Then melt white chocolate.

Cover just the bottom of the marshmallow then set it on a cookie.

Chocolate Marshmallow On A Cookie

Now quick before the white chocolate hardens sprinkle it with the green sprinkles.

I like to do this over a bowl or wax paper to catch the extra and use it to refill the bottle.

Because the brown chocolate is hard, the sprinkles will only stick to the white chocolate.

Chocolate Marshmallow On A Cookie

Now that you have the green sash you can add the shamrock.
We just need to remelt the brown chocolate and add small dots where we want the mini M&Ms.

I couldn’t find a bag of green mini M&M’s so I just picked the green ones out.

Leprechaun Hat St Patrick's Day

Voila! A cute treat for St Patrick’s Day.

Ok so they aren’t really cupcakes but they taste so good no one will complain.