Mickey and a Witch Hat

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  Mickey and a Witch Hat 

Halloween Cupcake Decorations
Mickey and Witch Hat

There really isn’t anything that is more magical than a talking mouse.  These fondant creations are cute and fun to make.  


Halloween cupcake decorations

Pumpkin with Mickey Ears


This is an orange fondant ball.  I used a tooth pick to create the lines to turn it into a pumpkin.

I cut out two black circles that I attached to the sides of the pumpking to form ears. 

I used a black icing to create the black part of the head.  If you try to make the beginnings of a heart you’ll make a perfect Mickey face.


Halloween Cupcake decorations

Witch Hat


The witch hat is so cute.  Roll out any color fondant ( I like purple, blue, or black for witch hats). Cut small circles. Form a cone with some of the fondant left from the circles and place it on top of the circle.  Then cut out a long rectangle to form a ribbon. 

Voila! You now have a fun magical Halloween!


For a full description and recipe send an email to Designers@CoutureSpecialtyCakes.com or send me a message on the Recipe Request Page with “Mickey and Witch” in the subject line so that I know which one you want.