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Piping Bags →  February 16, 2011

There are basically two types of piping bags: Disposable and Reusable.   Both have a purpose and both have flaws. Disposible Ziploc Bags Pros: These are great for thin icings and chocolates. They aren’t very expensive and you probably already have some in your kitchen. You can zip the top and not worry about the icing coming […]

Elegance →  November 15, 2010

Elegance This might be the best mini cupcake I’ve ever eaten.  It’s a brownie with chocolate chips infused in the batter.  Topped with Homemade Whipped Cream and a Chocolate Swirl.   Oh so good. These little bites of heaven are amazing even without the chocolate garnish but it’s so easy why not add that little extra […]

Chocoholic →  October 27, 2010

Chocoholic Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!  Need I say more? This amazing cupcake is a chocolate cupcake with chocolate Icing and Chocolate bits on top.  Then MORE chocolate is drizzled on top of that.  It’s not for the average chocolate lover this was made for the avid Chocoholic. Besure to have a tall glass of milk on […]

Mickey and a Witch Hat →  October 20, 2010

  Mickey and a Witch Hat  Mickey and Witch Hat There really isn’t anything that is more magical than a talking mouse.  These fondant creations are cute and fun to make.       This is an orange fondant ball.  I used a tooth pick to create the lines to turn it into a pumpkin. I cut […]

Chocolate Cake Monster →  October 18, 2010

Halloween Cupcake Decorations When I was a kid my Mom would tell me a story about a chocolate cake that was baked for a king.  It was a huge cake that came alive and ate people!  I shrunk it in this cupcake version just in case the story was real. I had so many cupcake […]

Ghosts Mummies and Bats oh my →  October 6, 2010

Halloween brings out all sorts of ghosts and ghouls.  These cupcakes are mad with fondant and other yummy candies. This one has a fondant moon with a chocolate bat flying in front of it.  It’s topped with buttercream icing that has been tinted blue. This sweet cupcake will have the kids crying for their Mummy. […]

Halloween cupcakes →  September 29, 2010

  Monster Line Up   Halloween Cupcakes I’m so excited for Halloween this year.  It’s so fun to see all of the little monsters come out.   Spike is one of my favorite monsters with blue M&M eyes and a salty/sweet taste this cupcake is scary good.   I want to suck your blood!! AHH […]

Brazilian Lemonade →  September 22, 2010

Brazilian Lemonade These are sooo good.  They are lime cupcakes filled with a condensed sweetened milk/lime combo that is amazing! The topping is my whipped cream with real lime juice and a little green food coloring mixed in. The sugar crystals around the edges take the sour bite away. The green in these will look good with […]

Back to School →  August 27, 2010

Back to School It’s that time of year again.  The smell of new folders and pencils is filling the air.  The sound of children’s hearts breaking can be heard in houses all over the neighborhood. Cheer them up with the smell of cupcakes and edible crayons!  (Their going to eat them anyway might as well […]

Candy Bar Cupcakes →  August 20, 2010

CANDY BAR CUPCAKE These cupcakes are super cute and easy.  Plop the icing on top then poke in your favorite candy bar.  I topped mine with those delicious little candy covered chocolates. I put a few on a plate for a friend.  I chose a vibrant plate to bring out the colors in the candies. Whether […]

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