Candy Bar Cupcakes

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Candybar Cupcake

Candy bar Cupcake

These cupcakes are super cute and easy.  Plop the icing on top then poke in your favorite candy bar.  I topped mine with those delicious little candy covered chocolates.

Friend's Cupcakes

Friend's Cupcakes

I put a few on a plate for a friend.  I chose a vibrant plate to bring out the colors in the candies.

cupcake decorations

All in a row

Whether you are bringing 4 or 24 these cupcakes will make anyone smile.  I cut the candy in half so that it would be more stable and easier to push in the icing.

These are sitting on a regular cake holder that has a cover.

cupcake holder

Cupcake holder

I decided to put the rest in a holder.  They are a little top heavy so be careful if  you will be traveling long distances with them.

For a full description and recipe send an email to or send me a message on the Recipe Request Page with “Candy bar” in the subject line so that I know which one you want.

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