Not too Sweet Flowers

September 3rd, 201112:01 am @


Cupcake decorations

Pink Flower

We’ve all heard it.  “It’s too sweet.”  to which I normally reply “What did you expect?  It’s a cupcake.”

These lovely flowers are perfect for the not so sweet tooth.

Flower cupcake

Purple Flower

I piped the flower petals right on the cupcake.  No underlying icing.  No complaints about it being too sweet.

I did put a generous amount for the center of the flower. I just couldn’t help myself.

I got the cute swirl effect by just cutting the bag and not adding a tip.  The soft plastic moves and curls and adds the neat swirl.

blue flower

Blue flower

I used a lemon cake batter to offset the sweetness even more.



These cupcakes are delicious and easy. I used my buttercream icing and added lots of fun colors.