Ice Cream Scoops

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Ice Cream Scoops

Ice cream scoops come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  It’s really amazing how many different devices we have to scoop ice cream.

While there are others that are awesome at scooping ice cream I have 2 favorites that I like to use for my cupcakes.

2 Ice Cream ScoopsI like this kind because it’s easy to scoop and release the batter into the cupcakes tins.  They give just about the perfect amount every time and every cupcake is about the same size.  So you don’t get any of that “Hers is bigger than mine!” from the kids, or dads.

These are actually “Cookie Scoops” by Oxo.  They do also make perfect chocolate chip cookies.

This is the large one I use.  I do get a little commission if you buy it after clicking the picture above but I absolutely love the one I have.

It holds about 3 tablesoons or 1/4 cup of batter.  It’s perfect for scooping and dumping batter in to regular sized cupcakes.

No mess on our fingers, from pushing the batter off of the spoons, means we don’t get to lick them after but you still have the bowl when your done. 🙂

This is the smaller one that I use.  These scoops are pretty tough and actually release the dough when you realease the handle.

This one is perfect for mini cupcakes or making cake pops.

I highly recommend this brand.  I’ve had my for 3 years put it through the dishwasher and have never had any trouble from it.  Again I do get a little commission if you click the link above, but if you buy a cheep one you’ll end up spending a lot of time and money getting new ones.

These aren’t mandatory to start baking but they do make life easier, a little cleaner, and you end up with more uniform products.