Piping Bags

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Piping Bags

There are basically two types of piping bags: Disposable and Reusable.   Both have a purpose and both have flaws.


Ziploc Bags


These are great for thin icings and chocolates.

They aren’t very expensive and you probably already have some in your kitchen.

You can zip the top and not worry about the icing coming out of the wrong end.

Easy cleanup.  Just toss them in the trash.


It’s possible but tricky to use piping tips with these.

My buttercream icing is too thick and usually ends up stretching out the small hole I made for the icing to come out.

Parchment Paper


These bags are best for detail work and small jobs.

You can use a little thicker icing and piping tips.

You can make your own bags from parchment paper.  This might be the cheapest way to go.

Chances are you already have this in your kitchen also.

Easy clean up.


It’s a more simple than origami but takes practice to perfect.

Hard to store.

Hard to change piping tips.  It’s easier to just make a new bag.

Smaller bags means more refills.

Plastic Piping Bags


Great for thicker icings.  My buttercream icing has never stretched these bags.

Easy to see the color of icing in the bag.

You know it’s clean so no surprise colors left from the previous use.

It’s really easy to change the tips.

Easy cleanup.


These bags can get expensive and are a bit wasteful.

They can get a little slippery when you are working with buttery icing.

If you are baking everyday these are probably not the bags for you.

I’ll actually wash these out with hot water and reuse them the same day.  Some people wash them in the dishwasher but I’ve never tried that. I put this in the cons because it defeats the ease of cleanup that you paid for when you bought the bags.


Featherweight bags


Strong and resilient.

Soft and easy to use.

Tips can be easily changed.

Coated to prevent oils from seeping through.

Cheaper in the long run.

Sizes usually range from 8 to 18 inches.


They are a little more expensive upfront.

These will add a little time to your cleanup routine.

There are some that still complain about their slipperiness.

Canvas Bags


Heavy cotton cloth bag won’t slip in your hands when forcing stiff doughs.


Canvas bags are for doughs and mashed potatoes NOT cupcake decorating.

The oils from your icing will seep through and cause a huge mess.


Every method has a place.  If possible it would be good to have access to each of the types of bags.   I’ve added links to the pictures  so that you can find them easily on amazon.com.  I’ll get a small commission if you click those links but you don’t have to buy them from amazon.  I did it more as a convenience for you.